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In reception we are looking forward to learning to read and write.

Parent Drop In Powerpoint

Please find above the powerpoint I would have shared at the 'Parent Drop In' if we'd been able to invite you into school. I have added an explanation on each slide so please click on the sound buttons. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact to me.

If you are at home awaiting the results of a COVID test, please find some home learning tasks here -

Dear Parents, 

We have started our phonics lessons this week. Each week I will upload a newsletter and resources (if needed) to help you to help your child. Ask your child to recognise each sound (phoneme) and please remember no ‘er’s’ at the end of the sound. I have uploaded a video by 'Mr Thorne' who demonstrates how to say the sounds of the alphabet.  Please use the pictures to sound talk the words for example t-a-p, tap. Clap each sound t-a-p then say the word, tap. Use the letters (grapheme) to build the words for the pictures. As your child becomes more confident ask them to change words into another word for example ‘sap’ into ‘tap’.

If you would like a further explanation please contact me.

Mrs Bunting

        Mrs Bunting is the Reception teacher     







Mrs Taulty is the Teaching Assistant in Reception