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Spelling Homework 18th June 21

Spelling Homework 11th June

Spelling Homework 21st May

Spelling Homework 14th May 21

Spelling Homework 7th May 21

Please can parents with children moving on to St Peter's in September ensure that they have completed the Data Sheet which was sent by St Peter's as soon as possible. 

Many thanks

Year 6 teachers and Mr Santus

Summer Term Parent Topic Sheet

Spelling Homework 30th April 21

If you are isolating or waiting for the results of a COVID-19 test, please find below the home learning tasks for this week.

Incredible Islamic Art

Some Great Word Book Day Characters 😊

Malala Chapters 1-5

Wow! I am so impressed with the wonderful sea poems you have sent me. There are so many excellent examples, I'm spoilt for choice! Your use of personification, similes, onomatopoeia and ambitious vocabulary is amazing, well done.

Enjoy your weekend, 

Love Mrs Hawkins x


Spectacular Sensational Sea Poems

Spectacular Sensational Sea Poem

Thank you for sending me your artwork, I am impressed by your efforts and the different mediums you have used. Well done for trying to create perspective in your work and identifying the fore-ground, background and horizon line. We definitely have some talented artists in year 6 ☺️
If you haven’t finished it yet, do send it and I’ll add it the page. 

Thank you, 

Love Mrs Cheap x

Wellbeing Wednesday at Home in Class 6

Morning Class 6,

Today is Wellbeing Wednesday when we will be expressing our thoughts and feelings in creative ways and trying to spend less time looking at screens. I hope to see you all on the Live Lesson tomorrow at 11am. Please see below for information about the day and suggested activities,

Love Mrs Hawkins and Mrs Cheap x 

Morning Class 6,

I hope you've had a lovely weekend with your families. This week is Children's Mental Health Week; this year's theme is Express Yourself. Expressing yourself is about finding ways to share thoughts and feelings through creativity. Therefore, we will be devoting the whole of Wednesday to creative activities that make you feel good. We will discuss this further in the live Teams lessons on Monday and Tuesday and will provide you with suggested activities on Wednesday. I'm looking forward to seeing you all on Monday's live Teams lesson on Monday at 9.15am,

Love Mrs Hawkins x

Hi Class 6,

Thank you for sending me your writing on the Lake District. I was very pleased to see the improvements in your writing this week; it was clear you had listened about the importance of meeting the success criteria. Below are some very good examples of children using interesting sentence starters in their writing,


Love Mrs Hawkins x

Hi Class 6,

Thank you very much to all of you who sent us work this week. Here are examples of writing that successfully met the success criteria of interesting sentence starters,

Love Mrs Hawkins and Mrs Cheap x 

Today our TEAMS meeting will be at 1.45pm. We will start with a short collective worship/ golden book assembly then will be joined by Mr Santus (head of transition) who will speak to us about moving onto high school. It doesn't matter which high school you will be going to, the information will be very useful.  Please try to join us. 
Thank you to the children who could join our Teams lessons over the last few days, it is really nice to have some contact with you and know you are engaging in home learning. I have attached some of the RE work that I was sent, showing your thoughts about a variety of books and their uses. 
Thank you again and keep up the good work. 
Love Mrs Cheap x

R.E. Work - Books

Excellent Example of Home Learning

Still image for this video
I have posted Katie' Presentation to persuade her audience to visit Go Ape in the Lake District. I'm sure you'll agree that Katie has included all the features of an interesting presentation to persuade. In addition to this, her use of expression; clever IT skills and great acting skills really engage her audience; it definitely makes me want to visit!

Two more great presentations about interesting places to visit in The Lake District, which both include interesting facts; detailed descriptions of activities and quotes to engage the audience and persuade them to visit. Well done Archie and Olivia!

Hi Year 6, 

Today (Wednesday) our Teams lesson will be at 11.15am. 

Have a look on the class page, but you will need some paper in case you want to take a few notes which will help you with the task and also, be thinking about your favourite book, as I hope some of you will share your choices.

Look forward to seeing you. 

Love Mrs Cheap x,

Hi Class 6, 


I hope you are all safe and well and have settled into home learning. 


Starting this week, Mrs Cheap and I are going to be asking you to send us in two pieces of work each week (we will make it clear on the Home Learning Sheet which pieces we would like you to email to us). If the Home Learning Sheet has AH in the title, please email the work to me. If the Home Learning Sheet has JC in the title, please email the work to Mrs Cheap. This week, I will be asking you to send me your Topic workwhich will be set for Tuesday.


In addition to this, we will be continuing with the Live Teams Lessons (see timetable attached below). My first Live Lesson is on Monday at 9.00am. As it is my first Teams lesson of this Lockdown, and I was not in school at the end of last week to prepare, I am going to keep the first Live Lesson quite informal. I will use the lesson to discuss home learning in general; discuss the home learning for Monday and Tuesday and give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about home learning or discuss any difficulties you may be experiencing. Please make a note of any questions or problems you have and try to look at the Home Learning Sheet before the Live Lesson.


Mrs Cheap and I are missing you all; it will be lovely to have a chance to see you and speak to you on Monday morning,


Love Mrs Hawkins x


Live Lessons Timetable


Monday 11th January: 9.15am

Tuesday 12th January: 10am

Wednesday 13th January: 11am

Thursday: 9am


Hi Class 6,


We hope you have all had a lovely Christmas and we would like to wish you and your families a Happy New Year.


As I’m sure you are aware, school will no longer be open to all pupils on Wednesday as planned. We are extremely disappointed not to be able to teach you face to face; we were really looking forward to seeing you again after Christmas. However, we are relieved that the majority of you will be able to stay safe at home, while we supervise the children who need to come in to school in a safe, socially distanced way. 


In addition to this, as GCSEs have been cancelled, it is possible that SATs will also be cancelled. Some of you may be relieved about this but we would be very disappointed. You have all made excellent progress in Autumn term in all areas and we are delighted with the standard of work you are producing. We are in no doubt that you would achieve fantastic SAT scores. 


On the other hand, Year 6 learning is not all about SATs, it is about providing a solid foundation for your learning at high school and in life. A good education dramatically improves your life choices and we are committed to ensuring that your education doesn’t suffer due to lockdown. Therefore, the home learning you complete over the next few weeks is extremely important. All your Year 6 work from now on (at home and at school) will be used as evidence to assess you, so we can inform your high school what level you are working at. Because of this, we will be asking you to send some of the work you complete to us; we will keep a register of the work received and contact parents if we do not receive this work. We will let you know on the class page which work we want you to send us.


We know that home learning is not ideal and lockdown is difficult for you all. Although we want you to work hard in the school day, it is very important to take regular breaks, exercise and have fun. Make sure that you get out with your families in the fresh air and spend time each day doing something you love. Also, if you are feeling a bit down, please speak to someone: a friend, an adult or us. We have provided our emails so you can send us work (see below) but also feel free to contact us if you have any worries. Please show your parents this letter, so they are aware of our expectations and know how to contact us.


We will miss you but hopefully we won’t be away from school for too long and we can all be together again soon. 


Take care, stay safe, 


Love Mrs Hawkins and Mrs Cheap x


Y6 Autumn Term 2 Topic Sheet - Where does our water go?

Dear Year 6 Parents,

Thank you for the great attendance on our Year 6 Zoom Meeting; we value your participation and support. For any parents who could not attend, please see below for the power points that were used to deliver the meeting,

Mrs Hawkins and Mrs Cheap

Year 6 Powerpoint

Admissions Primary Presentation

Please see below the link for the preview of the St. Peter's virtual open evening (coming soon)




Parent Topic Sheet

Welcome everyone to Year 6, 

We have now had a good few weeks back in school, settled into new routines and adapted to our bubble extremely well. Thank you to the children for being sensible and adhering to the differences we have had to make. 

Well done to the children who have completed their World War II research homework, it has really helped with our topic learning in class which we are all enjoying.

As you already know, P.E. is on Wednesday and Friday and children need to come in their kit. Planners need to be signed every night to show us that the children have read at home. 

In school we are changing the way we teach spelling, there will be a range of daily spelling activities through the week and homework set on Friday on the class page, due in the following Monday. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask us.

Thank you for your support, 

Mrs Cheap and Mrs Hawkins