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Dear Year 3 and Parents. We have come to the end of our year together. I have lots of special memories of our class. You are such wonderful children and I am sad to see you move on but I know you will have a lovely time in Year 4 with Mrs Price. A big thank you for all my gifts and cards and for the fantastic John Lewis surprise! I am thrilled with it! Many thanks to all parents for your support and kindness through out the year. I wish you all a wonderful summer and I look forward to seeing you in September. If any of you would like some Friday tasks I have included them below, along with a special message from the 'A-Team' (Miss Heyworth and I). Best wishes to all, and thank you again, Mrs Jackson x

Good bye children......

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Goodbye to our wonderful Year 3 class x

Good Morning Year Three (Future Year Fours!), 

Mrs Price here - I am taking over your class page for today! I hope you are looking forward to moving up to Year Four we have lots of exciting topics and learning to look forward to. Today, I would like to get to know you a little bit more before September and for you to get to know me! Below, I have uploaded some activities for you to complete and enjoy. Feel free to email me pictures of your work at

Best wishes, Mrs Price 

Hello and welcome to the final week of your Year 3 time at Saint Marie's! I hope you are all well. I am very proud of you all and the efforts you have made this year, particularly over the last few months. This Thursday Mrs Price will set your work on this class page as she will be your new teacher in September, so enjoy the tasks she sets you. Here are Monday's tasks. If you would like to carry on reading 'Victorian Venture' in your spare time please do so as this week's English work is all about Mary Seacole instead.

An example of one of the great stories about time travelling -

And some other fabulous writing -

Lots of great work again. Well done Year 3!

Lowry inspired art work

Look at some of the fantastic marble runs below! 

Oliver O'R marble run.MOV

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Christos marble run.mp4

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Seb's marble run.mp4

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Alex marble run.MP4

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Here is some of your great work from last week. I thought the video clips and pictures you sent of your marble runs were fantastic! Well done everyone!

A special mention for this fantastic diary -

Joe Van Gogh

A special super report from Oliver -

There were some fantastic healthy eating videos last week! Well done children - I think there may be some television presenters among you! smiley

Super effort with this week's work Year 3!

Some of your V.E Day commemorations ....

Evie's photos linked to our topic work on Mediterranean artists. Can you guess who Evie was finding out about?

May is the month of Mary. Let us ask Mary to look after us all at this time in our lives by saying the Rosary. Find some information about this special prayer here -

A new challenge for this week's P.E - speed bounce!

Collective Worship


This week's prayers help children to reflect on how shepherds help the sheep in their care. By exploring this, and by recognising that Jesus is our ‘Good Shepherd’, children are encouraged to think about how following Him helps us live our life to the full. Each day, children are given the opportunity to reflect on how Jesus, our Good Shepherd, provides us with:

Monday – Food
Tuesday – Guidance
Wednesday – Help
Thursday – Shelter
Friday – Community
Saturday – All of these things

Go to -

to access the Collective Worship resources. 


Superb story writing in week 4 - a few examples below - 

A fantastic dolphin story!

Pope Francis - a prayer

Week 3 photos have made me smile!

Wow! Fabulous dolphin fact file!

Hello to all of our Year 3 friends from us! Stay safe and well and keep trying hard. x

Jane and Leo from CAFOD shared with Year 3 how we can look after the world around us.

Having fun with 'Active Maths'!

What a fabulous celebration of books on World Book Day! Year three shared their favourites with the class and created posters to show.

Allison and Adrian from Wigan Council helped us with our litter pick. We found a lot of litter on Avondale Street. Most of it was plastic! Remember - we should put litter in the bin and always recycle when we can!

Parent topic sheet for 'Keen to be Green!'

Lots of skill was seen during our D.T Project. The children looked at what things can be reused and recycled. They designed and made a desk-tidy, reusing household items.

Helen Shenton, teacher of the deaf, told us all about how the ear works. The children acted out how different parts of the ear work and they found out how we can help others who can not hear very well.

It was lovely to see so many of our Parents and Grandparents at our Topic Celebration!

Fabulous topic homework!

There were some excellent character descriptions in English this morning, after we heard the Ancient Greek myth - Perseus and Medusa

The Road Safety Team reminded us that we should 'Think, Stop, Look and Listen when crossing the road safely.

Our Greek feast prepared by Mrs Kerr and Mrs Zipitis. We all enjoyed trying new things!

Angelos and Christos helped us to find out about the Greek alphabet.

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Did you know that the word alphabet comes from alpha and beta, the first two letters of the Greek alphabet?

Spring Term information for Parents of Year 3



This term Mrs Cheap will be teaching the topic of telling the time to Year 3 in Maths. Please practice as much as you can at home!

Children need to be able to tell and write the time from an analogue clock, including using Roman numerals and 24 hour clocks.


Some suggested websites that may help –

Year 3 with China the dog

Christmas Lunch Day

Autumn 2 - Topic Sheet - Why is the earth angry?

Collective Worship planned by the children

Our fantastic visit to the Iron Age Village at Martin Mere!

Power point from 'Meet the Teacher' evening with useful information for parents

Autumn 1 Topic Sheet- Who first lived in Britain?

Mrs Jackson is the Class Teacher in Year 3

Our Year 3 class

Miss Heyworth and Mrs Hough