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If you are awaiting the results of a COVID test, here are some tasks to do.

Hello Year 2.

We will be having spelling homework weekly. This will not be learning the spellings for a test as we have done in the past. Instead your child will bring home a yellow exercise book on Tuesday 21st and you will find a list of spellings on our class page on the website. These words are ones we will have worked on all week in our spelling sessions. We have also used and practised with visual representations to help to remember them.

You child needs to write each of the spellings out in a sentence of their own.  This will ensure they are practising writing the word in context, practising their handwriting and their punctuation. As we progress through Year 2, there will be a different focus for the sentences. The purple spelling homework books should be brought into school every Friday with the completed homework.

Thank you for your support.

Mrs Waterworth


Trailer: L37. Maths Words & 'Susie's Stories' (spelling practice)

In Class 2 we have used pictures to help us to remember spellings; we call them 'Spoodles'. This video shows what spoodles are and may be worth a watch (if you can ignore the man shouting and being daft!)

This week's spellings are numbers. In Year 2 we have to be able to read and write numbers in words. Books will be sent home on Tuesday in reading folders. Use each word in a sentence, remembering capital letters, full stops, letter formation and letter size.











Mrs Waterworth is the year 2 Teacher