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Primary PE and Sports Premium reviewed 2019-2020

Primary PE and Sports Premium reviewed 2018-2019



PE and Sports Grant  Statement  2016-17

What is the P.E. and  Sports Grant ?


 The PE and Sports premium is designed to help primary schools improve the quality of the PE and sporting activities they offer to their pupils. Each school  receives funding based on the school roll – here at St Marie’s, that will mean £8715 to help pupils develop healthy lifestyles. 

How will we use the funding?

The PE and Sports Premium grant will be used in a number of ways to impact on pupil attainment and healthy lifestyles.


  • to provide outstanding Physical Education, Health and Well-Being
  • to further broaden the sporting opportunities and experiences of all pupils
  • to develop a love of sport and physical activity
  • to support teaching staff in the delivery of outstanding Physical Education lessons
  • to inspire and motivate children to take part in sport


Impact and sustainability in 2015-16  grant £8715

  • 2 hours of curriculum P.E has been maintained throughout school with extra provision for most children .

  • Wigan Athletic sessions are of a high quality. Planning is clear with clear objectives. Activities are differentiated with the children actively involved.

  • Kite Mark gold achieved

  • Increased number of children attending after school sports clubs

  • Improved skill levels for children and success in sports competitions

  • Employed teachercontinued to work with all teachers improving their own skills and provision for children

  • Staff confidence in delivering the PE curriculum improved

  • Wide range of OHSC both before and after school. All clubs were extremely popular filling all available places. Children have been offered a wide range of sports football, netball, judo, dance, athletics, rugby, gymnastics, kwik cricket, healthy living, rounders, orienteering and multi skills. An Art Club and Drama Club which were also both well attended.

    % of children  who have accessed an afterschool club this year

                   Foundation stage – 50%

                             KS1 – 90%

     KS2 – 83%

  • School has maintained participation in competitive events and have taken part in a range of tournaments, including : football, netball, rounders, quadkids, and town sports, indoor athletics, basketball, just join in, swimming gala and cross country.

  • Targeted children and invited them to an active living club and 75% of these children then went on to attend other afterschool clubs.


Planned action for 2016-17  Expenditure £8715




Anticipated impact and sustainability

Maintain CPD from specialist teacher

Run summer sports club for a week

Maintain Kite Mark gold


Staff are confident and competent to deliver high quality PE

Collaboration and CPD opportunities for all staff.

An enhanced extra-curricular sporting programme providing a range of different sports available to all phases of school.

Improve assessment in PE

New Ipad to record assessments

INSET from Trained coaches


Accurate assessment of skills and talent spotting enabling children to access appropriate coaching

Children will compete in a intra school athletics competition  alongside Standish schools


Children  develop the fundamental movement skills  in all year groups  


Replenishment of P.E. and sporting equipment throughout school

Replacing old equipment KS1/2 £250

New  football nets  £2500

Equipment is maintained to a high standard and new equipment introduced to provide a varied and rich sporting curriculum.

Increased participation in all sporting clubs this year due to the range of activities on offer.

Transport for sporting activities


Pupils have been able to access inter school sporting activities at different venues throughout Wigan.

Sporting visitors to be invited to school


Children are inspired and encouraged to take part in sport