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St Marie’s Catholic Primary School Curriculum Guide FRENCH

“Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom.” Roger Bacon


At Saint Marie’s we are keen to learn a new language Link to National Curriulum -



INTENTAt St Marie’s we believe that all children should be given the opportunity to experience a new language through enjoyable and stimulating activities. From Reception to Year 6 children are encouraged to develop their curiosity about the French language and culture through games, songs and varied activities. Skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing are developed and embedded as the children progress and build their confidence in using vocabulary and grammatical structures in a meaningful way. We intend that by Year 6 children have a good range of age appropriate vocabulary and use it in conversation as well as writing sentences with simple grammatical construction, modelled by the teacher if necessary. In addition they will develop some skills and strategies for reading and understanding simple French texts.
IMPLEMENTATIONChildren have weekly lessons from Reception to Y6. Based around topics, the children learn new vocabulary and as they progress, begin to use it to speak in sentences; ask and answer questions; show their understanding and ultimately write in simple sentences. They are taught through the use of songs, games and role plays as well as a variety of spoken and written tasks as they progress. Visual prompts are always used to help with recall and pronunciation is practised regularly. Classroom instructions are often given in French during the lessons and Year 5 and 6 children are encouraged to ask for things in the classroom in French. We use the LCF Babelzone online resource to provide interactive learning games and activities as well as a wide selection of songs. In KS2 children have a book for written work as well as a range of activity sheets aimed at consolidating knowledge of vocabulary and grammar. These include picture games, word games, labelling activities and sentence writing. French/English dictionaries are also used in KS2.
IMPACTSt Marie’s children have an understanding of the concept of other languages and cultures. They enjoy exploring and using a new language and develop skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Assessment is through ongoing observation of the children’s participation in activities as well as monitoring of tasks in their books. The children can understand and use French words and phrases in games and classroom dialogue showing a growing confidence as they build on their knowledge. By Year 6 the majority of children are able to use the language in a meaningful way, interacting with the teacher and each other and achieving age related competence in French. Our children are given a sound foundation for future language learning and leave St Marie’s more than ready for high school French.



What makes a good linguist at Saint Marie’s?

A good linguist:


Learns about the culture and traditions of the country they are learning about.


Has fun.



Listens to, repeats and applies new words and phrase to our lessons.


Practises a little each day.






Uses prior learning of words, phrases and phonics and apply them


Notices patterns in words, root words and compares them to our own language to help decipher their meaning.


Has the confidence to communicate without fear of making a mistake as they know that we learn through mistakes.