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Eco School

Due to the pandemic we do not have an Eco-Council this year but we do have 'Bubble Representatives' who will lead each class in working towards our whole school-Eco targets. 

Outdoor learning club making fires and collecting leaves in the garden.

Wigan Council's 'Waste Not Garden' received a Gold Medal at the Southport Flower Show 2019.

The children of St. Marie's helped by creating Eco-bricks for the lovely bench. Some of the children attended a celebration event at Wigan Cricket Club and met the Leader of Wigan Council and The Worshipful Mayor of Wigan.

Eco council harvested and sold fruit and vegetables from the garden.

Meet the Eco-Team

Eco School

Our Eco-school committee once again successfully achieved another Green flag status in January 2018.

The Eco-School Committee is made up of pupils, teachers and governors, who meet regularly to plan for and review our work towards maintaining the Green Flag status.


The Eco-Committee play an active part in the school and have jobs which they carry out throughout the week.

Y4 Council members: collect fruit waste from KS1 and add it to the compost bin.

Y5 Council members: collect paper waste from the recycling bin in each room, count the bags and place in the blue bin for collection. Everyone in school is committed to recycling paper.

Y6 Council members: check how we waste electricity around school. We have a weekly competition to see which class are the most energy efficient. Classes have to turn off whiteboards, turn off the lights, make sure taps are not left running and that windows are closed if the heating is on.


The school grounds have a quiet seating area, benches, litter bins, mushroom seating and a tyre park.

We have a school garden which has a story chair and listening benches. Each class has a garden bed and it is their job to tend the plants, flowers and harvest the crops. Our communal trees, bulbs and flower beds are looked after by the gardening club. We attract wildlife to the school with a bird table and log pile.


As a healthy school we have litter free healthy snacks.


St Marie’s Eco-School Code

Class 1 won a whole school competition to write the School Eco-Code

Walking Bus saves car journeys every Friday:

Route One sets off from Ashfield Park Drive. Twenty four children walk to school each week accompanied by a trained driver, conductor and parent/staff volunteers.

Route Two starts at Woodhurst Drive, with twelve children registered to walk escorted by a trained driver, conductor and parent/staff volunteers.

If you would like to get involved please contact school for more information.

Walking Bus MOT

Andy Allen came to keep our training and risk assessments up to date on our popular walking bus routes, before Walk to School week. We now have special rear lights to let everyone know when we are stopping!

Walk to School Week

What a success! 22 children walked to school every day; 7 children walked on three of the days; 8 children walked on two days; another 2 children walked on one day. Everyone said that they felt more awake and ready to start work, especially the 10 members of school staff and all the mums, dads and grandparents who joined in! Lets see if we can keep walking to school more regularly.


Bulb planting on Greenwood Road

Year 6 children helped to brighten up the grassed area outside the old people’s bungalows. We can’t wait to see the fruits of our labour in Spring. Hopefully the whole community will repect and take care of this area. 

Tree Planting

We have planted trees to improve the school grounds and attract wildlife. Nick Burdekin and the team from Wigan Environment Services helped us to plant them. 

Sharing our Eco ideas and commitments with a school in America

We video conferenced with a school in …we told them all about our Eco projects, they were surprised how much recycling we do in school. They thought we were really lucky to be able to recycle so easily. The class in America told us all about the problems that they have trying to recycle, they are encouraging the school community to recycle plastic bottles. They showed the posters that they had made. Please make use of your recycling bins at home…it’s a simple way to do your bit for the environment. 

Recycling Paper

Each week we collect and recycle paper throughout the school.

Energy Savers

Our new Energy Savers Team are busy checking how we waste electricity around school. We have a weekly competition to see which class are the most energy efficient. We read the meters each Wednesday: