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At St Marie’s, we are committed to providing a broad and balanced curriculum which reflects the example of Jesus through the gospel. We have explored the context of our children and their experiences before designing a curriculum which is meaningful and provides opportunities for all.


The curriculum is arranged over a half term or term and is presented as a “Learning Challenge” which begins with an enquiry based question. We have put the  National Curriculum, the experiences of our children and additional local themes which meets the needs of our learners into a two year cycle of planning.


The basis for each theme is taken from science, history or geography in the National Curriculum 2014 or from additional themes which have been suggested by children and staff.


A detailed plan is sent to parents and carers every half term . Throughout each theme children are encouraged to complete research at home and this work is shared and displayed with the rest of the class/ key stage/parents at the end of the theme. 

Details of the National Curriculum 2014 taught in schools can be accessed below 



We place English at the heart of the curriculum. We promote high standards of English by equipping pupils with a strong command of the written and spoken word. We strive to develop a love of literature through providing a wealth of enjoyable and  challenging reading material. We engage the children in a wide range of stories, non-fiction and poetry so that they are able to apply their skills and develop their vocabulary  alongside their love of reading.

We plan an exciting curriculum for writing by providing a wide range of stimuli including  visiting authors and poets, local and residential trips, role play scenarios and high quality books.Chidlren are inspired to write for a purpose.

As a result of this approach children are equipped with the necessary language skills to succeed in all aspects of later life.


KS1 Phonics and Reading

Our reading resources are taken from a wide variety of published schemes, colour banded to aid progression in reading skills. Teaching in phonics follows the Letters and Sounds programme.



In Key Stage One the core reading scheme is Oxford Reading Tree supplemented by Collins and Dandelion.

In Key Stage Two Oxford Reading Tree is also used. All children have access to a wide range of authors and genres including newspapers in our library.



We deliver a high quality maths education to provide children with a foundation for understanding the world.  We believe  ability in maths is essential for everyday life- sciences, technology and engineering and financial fluency.

Emphasis is placed on developing an enjoyment of maths and applying the skills and knowledge gained in solving a wide range of problems. Children are encouraged to make connections and develop fluency in their mathematical reasoning in order to solve increasingly sophisticated problems. We actively encourage the use of a wide range of resources and have invested in this area of the curriculum.