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Before & After School Club

Before & After School Club

St Marie’s fun club 

At St Marie’s we offer a safe and interesting environment at the start and end of the school day for children from reception to Year Six.


Session Times:
Before school
7.30am to 8.55am £5.00

PM sessions
3.15pm to 4.15pm £3.00
4.15pm to 5.15pm £3.00
5.15pm to 6.00pm £2.50
Refreshments are offered drink (am) drink and light snack (pm) or children may bring their own healthy snacks if required.


Booking places

  1. Places in both pre school and Before and After School Club must be made in writing and are fixed for the month
  2. Any requests for changes to booked places must be made in writing by the third week in the month and will apply from the first working day of the month following the request
  3. Any adjustment to the booking form will be invoiced the following month
  4. Any occasional places must be booked directly with the Manager and will be invoiced the following month


Invoices and payment

  1. Invoice will be issued on the first working day of each month
    Payment is due in full 7 days from the date of the invoice
  2. Late collection of children after 6.00pm will incur a £20.00 fee
  3. If collection of children extends into the next session, payment for the full session will be included on the next invoice
  4. Late payments will be charged an administration fee of £10.00 to cover administration costs and postage
  5. Any bank charges incurred as a consequence of late payment or any other charges of fees incurred in the collection of payment will be passed on
  6. If a place is booked the full cost will be invoices even if only part of the time is used. e.g. attendance at after school activities
  7. If attendance times are consistently different to booking times the matter will be referred to the committee. The Committee reserves the right to amend booking times and invoice accordingly
  8. All payments are to be made by cheque and payable to St Marie’s Before and After School Club. Please ask for a receipt with all payments.


Staffing must be arranged to cover the anticipated number of children.

No allowance can be made for the early collection of children.


The times and charges have now been brought into line in After School Club and Pre School.


All parent and carers will be required to accept the terms and conditions in writing before children can attend the setting.


This facility is run according to Ofsted guidelines


Here are some of the children's thoughts about the B & A Club:-


"I come only to this club before school starts. It's good fun. We play games and the teachers are very helpful and play with us too. Sometimes the teachers let us help them."
G. aged 11


"I come to both sessions. I like playing games with my friends. The Staff are really friendly. Before the club was set up, I went to a friend's house but the club is better because you don't just sit around doing nothing."
D.aged 11


"Mummy started a new job and I've just started to come to the Club. I like going on the computer. I like Colour Magic best."
M. aged 5